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Heaven Scent Golden Retrievers

Providing families with their ideal 4 legged companion

*Friends With Available Fur Babies*

My name is Rosey. I am almost 4 years old with a zest for life. My breeder never registered me but I am purebred Golden Retriever.  I spent a lot of time in a garage with several of my doggie friends with periodic times outside running and playing in the field. I have never had puppies,  as I never had my OFA clearances done. My owners are getting older and are having serious health issues.  They are no longer able to care for me , so Dr. Sydney and Dawn have agreed to help.

I have been with Dr. Sydney for almost 4 weeks now. I have overcome many of my fears of the unknowns and have realized how smart, sweet and sensitive I am.  I run and play with my new dog friends and do daily perimeter fencechecks with them. I am at ease around the horses and have hung out around the chickens too. Last week I learned how to retrieve,  it is so fun and I love it!!

I have quickly learned what is expected of me and have much more confidence now. I bathe well and will gladly let my dog friends eat my food. While I enjoy hanging out on the farm with my doggie friends. I am most happy quietly hanging out in the garden a few feet away from Dr. Sydney.  

If you think you would like to have me join your family. Call Dr Sydney at  503-607-7606.  I have a $1200.00 adoption fee and I am being spayed in September.